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Assetmonk – Madhapur, Hyderabad

Assetmonk aims to break this stereotype and make Real Estate investments accessible to everyone. Best Commercial Real Estate Platform.


Assetmonk is an online platform offering high potential Real estate assets to value investors. Only carefully vetted assets that undergo thorough due diligence only make it to our list of assets. Assetmonk allows investors to diversify their portfolio by offering investor-friendly deals and custom product solutions. Transparent structure, Digital security, along with a secure transaction procedure, makes Assetmonk a unique marketplace for real estate investment. Based on the investment objective, we offer products categorized under Growth, Growth Plus, and Yield. 


Real Estate is a very accommodating investment option that has various options for investment types, ticket sizes, and investment avenues making it the most reliable and popular investment option.

But the loops such as the lengthy due-diligence process, the hassle of maintaining a property, and the concern about the security have kept many people away from making the best use of Real Estate investments.

Though the above problems were not a big issue for institutional investors, many potential investors starting in this sector consider these as huge barriers affecting their investment.


Assetmonk tackling the challenges in the Real Estate sector has laid the foundation for the best approach with a smart and secure online investment platform. With a user-friendly platform, ticket sizes available for every budget, properties filtered after thorough due-diligence, and an objective-oriented approach to custom product solutions “We are reinventing the traditional Real Estate investments with a modern approach”.

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